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It is a very descriptive and instructive booklet on the ways to take care of tulasi, and this will help preserve some of the early knowledge and information on growing tulasi that we had from years ago.

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The goddess then threw other weapons at Sankhacuda.but he partly cut them down and partly took them up and absorbed them.rendering them futile. Regarding her as his mother.he did not aim any weapons at her. Then Kali caught hold of him.whirled him around repeatedly and angrily tulasi seeds price him into the sky. The demon came down with a tremendous crash.but he he immediately got up and bowed to the goddess. Next.he gladly climbed up onto tulasi seeds price stunning jeweled chariot and.feeling no fatigue at all from the battle.continued fighting.

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“Through devotional service one can easily please Lord Krishna with a leaf of the tulasi plant and a little water. . . Srila Advaita Acharya knew this fact.and therefore He decided to call for the Personality of Godhead Krishna to descend by worshiping the Lord with tulasi leaves and the water of the Ganges.”

Puja.bathing and offering of food and drink performed without Tulasi cannot be considered as puja.bathing and offering to the Lord. The Lord does not accept anything or drink anything that is without Tulasi. Brhad Naradiya Purana.

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whoever drinks the tulasi-leaf water daily will be redeemed in his lifetime and receive the benefit of a dip in the ganges.


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